You didn’t want an ordinary life.

You didn’t start an ordinary business.

Don’t settle for an ordinary agency.

Okay, we’ll say it: The old agency model is DEAD.

The old agency model is just that – old. It was built in the Mad Men era, when business was done face-to-face and lengthy processes were a sign of quality. Today’s agencies are so hyped on being an agency, so jazzed on ads, so focused on bringing in new clients and customers, they forget to optimize the average value of the customers you already have in a way that actually works for you.

You? Well, you just want to see more of the world and enjoy more of your life while running your business. You don’t care for too many meetings, lengthy proposal processes, one-size-fits-all services, huge up-front fees, or “strategic plans” that are actually just proposals.

You just want someone to take you by the hand, say “let’s do this together”, and make it happen.

The old way . . .


Build a website once, for a large up-front investment, and rarely touch it again;

Build your strategy and action plan around the services the agency wants to sell you;

Have a lengthy proposal process with multiple calls and meetings before you can start.

The Admin Co . . .


We believe that a website is an ongoing investment in your success, and constantly tweak to improve your results;

We build your strategy and action plan around your needs first, only offering to help implement if we can;

We submit one proposal, explain it on one call, and give you one decision – we take care of the rest.

Step One:

Building your business is like buying an around-the-world plane ticket. You have to get all of your destinations in just the right order to make it work, or you’re going to miss out on some important experiences.

Our Profit Plan™ is an intensive process where we do a deep dive into your business and plan out all of the moving pieces. From a complete strategic plan for your website to social media, email marketing, automation, products and services, and more, we create a plan for you to earn more and work less, so you can relax and enjoy your travels.

Step Two:

Once we’ve developed your profit plan, you might want some help in making the rubber meet the road. That’s where Web Care™ comes in.

We’ll build (or rebuild) your site, tackle your social media, handle your email marketing, retarget your customers using advanced ad strategies, and just generally handle your business for you. The whole process is designed to allow you to relax and enjoy your growth, while we take care of the rest.

Working with Cheryl was a total game changer for the clarity and action plan I needed to see my vision come to life. What Cheryl did in 3 hours far surpassed the results I’ve seen from a full month coaching program just to put her talent in perspective.

This girl is the real deal who can quickly jump in your business and give you the clarity to launch. In our VIP intensive, Cheryl helped me lay out my mission statement, develop the bones of my first group program, develop a super successful way to grow my list, build my presence, and catch glowing testimonials, niche down with a fail proof method for closing sales, and offered multiple pitch ideas to continue my business growth (one of her many specialties).

In a little over a month later, I sold over half of my seats for my first group program and there’s no way I could have done it without Cheryl’s brilliance.

She holds space, jumps in the trenches and this woman gets results! If you’ve been working in your business vs. working “on” your business, hire Cheryl to get you making money super duper fast. Thank you so much, Cheryl! You are a rockstar and a gem!

Megan Hale



You started your business to gain more freedom. You wanted to be able to work from anywhere, whenever you wanted. Now you’ve learned that working from anywhere, at any time, usually means working from everywhere, all of the time.

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What our clients have said . . .

If you’re considering converting your product idea into a successful business, then call Cheryl first.  Of all the 3rd party consultants we’ve worked with the past two years, Cheryl is, by far, our best investment.

Brad Tuyn

Founder, Libre Rum & Spirits

I got it. Absolutely unbelievable what you have done with it. Thank you, so much. If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to have them get in touch with me.

David Cooper

When I first reached out to Cheryl, I was at the absolute end of my rope. My husband had suffered a health collapse that left him too sick to work or care for the children. Suddenly, I had to figure out how to shape my inborn talents into a profitable home-based business in an incredibly short length of time.

I learned what I could from other online marketing gurus, but I simply did not have the time to build the magical 1,000-name list they all agreed was prerequisite to a profitable business. After trying a few things I could do but didn’t love, I was grasping for a golden ticket out of the hole I was in.

Cheryl was better than a golden ticket. It was like she turned the lights back on! She called out my panic, and taught me how to let it go and make space for success. She helped me see truths that  dispelled myths I didn’t know were holding me back: I didn’t need a huge list before I could make a living online, spending time on my business didn’t automatically make me a bad Mom, and “balance” is not the highest end!

I left every conversation armed with clarity about my next steps, courage to take those steps, and hope that I was enough to make my business work for my family. The power of her insight and the generosity of her methods blew me away. And because I took her counsel seriously I experienced breakthrough after breakthrough. It’s more than I could ever repay, so I’ll just have to pay it forward to those I can serve now because she believed in me. Thank you, Cheryl!

Ashley Nance

I totally just had a business-changing.. Or more like total life-changing call with our very own Cheryl Woodhouse.

For those of you who don’t know my background, I recently came out of a position in the marketing department of a casino where I worked officially as the social media manager and also handled the graphic design, web development for three properties and ran the floor and online promotions. I may be out of the casino, but the casino is not out of me. I recently started a rebrand of my website that reflects this entirely and have been mulling over the idea of going after my former competitors. When I was running the social media platforms for MTR, I killed it in our comp set. We lead every single week and were leaps and bounds ahead of the competition on social media consistently. Now that I’m gone, they’ve tanked it.

I have proven results and Cheryl made me realize that I have HUGE leverage to go after not only the competition but online casinos and endless others. I’ve been aiming far too small. While I knew my niche was not going to be found in the online groups, which is primarily why I had not been putting myself out there and only have been working a select few that I have clicked with, I didn’t know where to officially target myself. The idea I had felt awesome but more like a “someday I will totally do that” type of plan. My talk with Cheryl (which ran over my almost a half hour! Oops!) totally made me realize that the idea I had not only has the potential to be a lot bigger than I had realized, it’s also something that I need to be doing RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.

I hope that anyone else who is feeling a bit unclear or stuck signs up for a call with her. Not once did she make me feel like the call was about her. She genuinely cares about making people realize their full potential and gets them to dream and aim BIG. The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves… Why the hell would we want to keep ourselves small when there’s so much more we could go for??

Angela Fazikas

Cheryl Woodhouse is the real deal, she willingly and graciously helped us with our project. Honest, straightforward and knowledgeable; her insight is spot on.

Stan Elliot

In one call, Cheryl helped me clearly see that I needed to scrap my next idea for a course and we replaced it with a new one that makes more sense. I’d been struggling for many months with this idea, going over it in my head and wasting time, and in one short free call, Cheryl helped get me unstuck. Thank you, Cheryl!

Natalia Real

Hi my name is Shawn Parker and I wanted to take a minute to thank Cheryl for the excellent service she has provided me.  When I found Cheryl I knew I found a true professional…  Cheryl delivers her work exactly when she says unlike the “other” services where you can’t depend on a deadline.  If your looking … Cheryl is your solution. Thanks again Cheryl for everything you’ve done for me!!!

Shawn Parker

I have worked with Cheryl on more than one occasion, and every time I have been more than pleased with the results. Not only is the quality of her work exceptional, but the turnaround time on my projects has always been faster than expected. Cheryl is always there when I need her, even on short notice. I highly recommend her services. Thanks again Cheryl … it looks great. You did a super job! Thanks for the fast and good work.

Jason James

Cheryl Woodhouse is a great resource and wealth of knowledge for marketing.  Her experience and understanding of the industry and its dynamics are beneficial in both business planning, and in execution. Cheryl’s positive encouragement is greatly appreciated as well. Working with Cheryl has been a great experience!

Author Confidential

You never have to worry about a marketing or advertising program when it is assigned to Cheryl Woodhouse. She is a master at making  creative ‘out of the box’ thinking happen, even under the most challenging deadlines and circumstances. She never ceases to amaze me with her production knowledge and can-do approach.

Chris Brown

CEO & Founder, Bonita

I’m sorry, I need to rant. After reading an email from Cheryl Woodhouse, I must say I feel ABSOLUTELY LIBERATED! I now know that I don’t have to do business the way everyone else is doing, just because it ‘works’ for them. I don’t have to blog if I don’t really want to. I don’t have to do a Facebook page if I don’t want to. If I only want to talk to people over video or webinars and online conversations either through text or skype or google hangout or something, I CAN DO THAT. Holy crap! I’ve been halfway doing the things I wanted to, but trying to keep them within the scope of what ‘successful’ people do. But I don’t want to talk about my business every second of every day. I’m not just interested in helping people with their BIZ, I want to help them CHANGE THEIR LIVES. I want to bounce and have random parties and help women uncover what’s holding them back and realize that they can totally rock in their lives without having to worry about impressions or bills or ANYTHING! Cheryl, you don’t even know how you liberated me tonight. WOOHOO!

Raisa Lightbourn


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